Valium Supplemental Side Effects and Emergency Page

Valium, just like any other medication you take, should be used with care. If you take proper precaution you will minimize health risk to you. However, sometimes accidents can happen or sometimes people-even good people make poor choices. This information will help you in the event you have accidentally or intentionally taken too much of this medication.

The first part of this is extended side effects information. The next part is warnings and actions you can take in the event of a possible overdose. You may have already been told some of this information when you received your first mental health or doctor's evaluation.

However, it helps to repeat it. It also helps to have it explained in a little bit different way, or just simply to have this information as a backup resource. It does not substitute for proper professional diagnosis and treatment, however. We do not treat or cure diseases nor are we a licensed medical facility.

Symptoms by Bodily System

This medication can have an effect on the different systems of your body. It helps sometimes to categorize the health risks in this way to give you a better picture of what could happen to you if you abuse it.

Cardiovascular system-Heart trouble and circulation problems can occur. This results for a variety of reasons, such as bad reactions to other meds and supplements or if wrong dosage amount is used.

Digestive system-Liver problems might be an issue. Urinary incontinence also has sometimes occurred in people who use this medication. Other digestive problems might also occur.

Nervous system-Using this medication can sometimes cause a variety of problems, such as lack of coordination or motor skills. This often results in memory problems or poor judgment. Sometimes amnesia can occur.

Respiratory system-Sometimes people who use this drug may have trouble breathing. This often is a result of misuse or overdose. It might also happen if it is mixed with other prescriptions or when it is used along with alcohol or non-prescription medications/supplements.

Reproductive system-Sometimes people might notice less of an interest in sex or they might not be able to perform sexually. For instance, they might not be able to get an erection or they might not be able to achieve an orgasm.

Psychological and Emotional Health Risks

Variety of psychological and behavior problems such as rage, over-excitement/mania, impulsivity, tremor, or panic attacks might also occur. People could also experience delirium or seizures, as well as irritability, anxiety, and insomnia but these along with the panic attacks are generally withdrawal-related.

22 Sep 2014

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