Extra Valium Dosage, Symptoms And Treatment

Valium can only bought with prescription but can be taken with or without food intake. However, before medication, always discuss to your health care provider all your medical conditions since it might have adverse effects on your current health condition.

Valium is excreted mainly by the kidneys so patients with kidney problems are given lower dosages.

Valium can only be taken by mouth. Always follow the prescription label or the one prescribed by your doctor. Doses should be taken at regular intervals.

If you miss a dose, immediately take it as soon as you can. But if it is almost near your next dose, just skip it and take the next dose.

Never take double or extra doses to prevent over-dosage. Extra Valium dosage makes one fall into a deep sleep or coma while still being able to breathe adequately. Here are some symptoms of overdose:

The effects of extra Valium dosage will vary depending on whether it was taken with other medicines, drugs or alcohol. If you encountered someone who took more than what was required, call an emergency and provide the following information: patient's age, weight and condition; name of the medicine and its dosage; time of intake; amount swallowed and if it was prescribed for the patient.

Do not allow the overdosed individual to sleep, urge him/her to walk while waiting for help to arrive. Always check if the patient is breathing properly as large extra Valium dosage can cause respiratory depression.

There is a huge chance of recovery from those who overdosed. But those who had large amounts of Valium intravenously or IV can expect a worse outcome compared to those who took it orally. The overdose treatment varies.

If it was swallowed recently, a physician can pump it out the stomach. If it was already absorbed by the body, dialysis may be helpful to flush out Valium from the blood. Flumazenil (RomaziconĀ®) is used as an antidote for Valium overdose.

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